Finding Peace at Christmas

Tonight is Christmas Eve in Ukraine.  The temperature in Kyiv has dropped to a frigid -17C (2F) with a RealFeel of -31C (-24F).  Families snuggled together for Christmas Eve and the traditional 12 dishes consisting of fish, mushrooms, and dried fruit.  As they exchange toasts for happiness, success, and all that is good, George is on a train heading east.

From Monday through Wednesday, fifty people are expected to gather from villages very close to the frontline of war.  These villages were at one point under the occupation of Russia’s proxy forces but have since been liberated by the Ukrainian forces.  The sting of war is fresh.

They gather to find peace – not particularly the peace that results in a ceasing of mortar fire but rather peace in their souls that comes from healing and reconciliation.  George and first-time facilitator, Victoria, are leading the workshop “Healing the Wounds of Ethnic Conflict.”  In the workshop, participants meet Jesus who entered our cold and cruel world to take away our sin and pain and replace it with life – life to the abundance.

Pray for George and Victoria as they lead the three-day workshop and serve as God’s agents to bring healing to deep family and ethnic issues.   We covet your prayers as this important ministry is often under fierce attack by Satan who wants to thwart God’s mission.

May the God of peace bring healing to Ukraine and all corners of the world in which He entered as a baby nearly 2000 years ago.

Merry Christmas!



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