Freedom Blend

Freedom Blend
wine festival
Moldovan Wine Festival

The “Next Generation Christian Leaders’” conference I attended in the capital of Moldova, Chisinau, happened to coincide with the annual Moldovan wine festival.  As some of us strolled around the center of town looking at the displays, I came across an interesting dry red wine called “Freedom Blend”.  It’s a blend of a Moldovan Rara Neagra, a Georgian Saparavi and a Ukrainian Bastardo.  As some of you know, all three of these nations are struggling for their independence from an increasingly aggressive Russia.  Today Ukrainians are fighting and dying for their independence from Russia.  Sadly, Russia is doing everything in its power to keep Ukraine from taking a democratic path of growth, implementing the rule of law and an independent judiciary, and fighting corruption.  Ukrainians, along with Georgians and Moldovans, want to be free!  In a large part, the protests that began just under a year ago were about this – freedom.

Together with our partners in Ukraine, we are working to help leaders address a much deeper need for freedom.  While political freedom is important, it is also temporary.  The fundamental freedom that we work for and pray for is the freedom from sin and the tyranny of the devil.  That freedom can only be found in one place – and its not a bottle of wine.  True freedom comes from Christ alone.  Please continue to pray for the people of Ukraine (and of the rest of the former Soviet Union), that they would come to find the true source of real freedom that never ends.


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