We are in the process of moving a short distance away into another house.  When we arrived in Kyiv last summer, we agreed to stay in a missionary family’s home while they were in the States for a year.   The house was an answer to prayer because George did not have to find a place for us to live in a short period of time.  It provided us with lots of bedrooms and a spacious yard.

We have found another house about two miles away that should meet the needs of our family well.   Move-in day is July 1!

With our new website format, we plan to give more frequent updates.  Check back or subscribe to follow along!

Ukraine’s New President

Following the overthrow of former president Victor Yanukovych,  Ukraine has inaugurated its 5th president, Petro Poroshenko.   Amazingly, Poroshenko won the elections in the first round.

Poroshenko promises to end the fighting in the east, combat rampant corruption, and lead the country on a track to join the European Union.

Unfortunately, two regions in the east, Donetsk and Lughansk, are the scene of fighting, looting, kidnappings, and executions.   The unrest is led by Russian citizens who organize attacks against the Ukrainian forces.

Thankfully Kyiv remains peaceful and we are far removed from the violence taking place in the east.

For God. With You. In Ukraine