Pray for Persecuted in Ukraine

Today is International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church.  Unfortunately, Ukraine has been added to the list of countries where Christians are persecuted for their faith.  Since Russia’s occupation of Crimea and support for unrest in the east, non-Orthodox Christians have been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.

My (Sarah) father started the organization International Christian Concern to help the persecuted church around the world.   Please sign ICC’s petition to urge Russia to stop their persecution of Christians in Crimea and Eastern Ukraine.   Pray for the Christians living in these regions that they may shine in the darkness and be agents of peace, hope, and reconciliation.

Photo: Sign to End the Abduction of Christians in Ukraine 

ICC has received eye-witness testimonies from local ministries revealing that dozens of Protestant and Catholic Christians have been abducted and violently tortured because of their religious identity. The time to end this is now. Sign our petition to the Russian ambassador calling for an immediate end to this unprecedented modern day wave of persecution in Eastern Europe.

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